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Culti Cave
Culti Cave Culti Cave Culti Cave Culti Cave
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Growing your own fruit and veg has never been more popular, this is why Rob McAlister Ltd have designed this innovative grow tent - the Culti Cave. Whether you like to grow and mature vegetables for your dining table or nurture lovely smelling and highly decorative plants and shrubs to display in your much admired and well-kept garden - you will have thought about purchasing a Greenhouse, Cold Frame or Poly Tunnel at sometime or other. So why haven’t you?


Why do I need a Culti Cave?

Green houses are costly items, difficult to erect and often require quite a bit of space besides being a permanent structure. You probably only need your Greenhouse at certain times of the year but once in place, they are there all year around. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could take it down in a matter of minutes and store it away under your kitchen sink, for example, until next year, or even until your garden party is over? Well you can if you have one of our brand new and innovative Culti Caves.

The Culti Cave was designed to fit a gap in the marketplace. There are many solutions to cultivating your crops or garden plants in a controlled environment, Green Houses, Cloches, Mini Lean-To Greenhouses, Cold Frames and Poly Tunnels for example – but each solution has its own set of draw-backs.


  • Beware of cheap alternatives! Unlike many other PVC grow houses on the market, the Culti-Cave is made from tough UV stable PVC and will not perish and disintegrate in 12 months time!
  • It is significantly bigger than most others (over 4 times more volume than the current market-leader) enabling tomatoes and larger plants to be grown with quick and easy access.
  • Ideal for larger plants and flowers – also tomatoes, cucumbers, melons, strawberries, squashes, etc. Great for growing plants in grow bags.
  • It has a sewn-in groundsheet to stop slugs, insects and other garden pests getting in and also enables a more humid growing atmosphere.
  • Mesh panel in groundsheet to allow drainage of spillages when watering.
  • Quick and easy to install - either wall-mounted or freestanding.
  • Easy to ventilate on hot days by either partially or wholly unzipping the front and rear panels.
  • Zipped door panels on both sides for quick and easy access.
  • Modular - two or more units may be zipped together to extend the size.


UV stabilised PVC

Developed primarily for larger potted plants, shrubs, climbers and vegetables, the Culti Cave has rapidly become the welcome phenomenon within the Gardening community, providing excellent protection from those relentless garden pests, insects and the unforgiving weather. The Culti Cave is designed to protect your new plants from the wind, rain and snow with its unique, curved shape. It is made from a high grade UV stabilised PVC for longer life providing excellent protection and an easily maintained, durable wipe clean surface.


Size DOES matter!

Packed away, the Culti Cave is a mere 53cm x 20cm x 10cm and an amazing 2m x 1.67m x 0.8m when erected, weighing in at just over 3Kgs. What, not big enough you say … No problem – the Culti Cave has a door at the rear that can be simply unzipped allowing you to connect a second, third or even fourth Culti Cave should you desire. That’s right, you can make this modular solution as large or small as you want!!

The CultiCave is protected by European Community design registration and international patents.


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