Laundry Dome

Laundry Dome
Laundry Dome Laundry Dome Laundry Dome Laundry Dome Laundry Dome
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We love the feedback we receive from all our resellers, owners we've met at trade shows and reading all the emails we get directly from consumers themselves. So much so, we've had to react to what we think is an absolutely amazing idea for our Culti Cave.......The Laundry Dome, yes you saw it here first !

You may be thinking, what a crazy idea, but everybody washes clothes, bedding and sports equipment. The question that's not always a simple one to answer is where do I hang it all to dry? Well here's a solution for those living in flats and starter homes, as we know garden spaces are constantly getting smaller in new build houses with some so small there's not enough space for a washing line or rotary dryer.

Test's have shown that with internal temperatures inside the dome far higher than the outside the dome washing dry's on average 3 times quicker than if left on a line or clothes horse.

No more socks, underwear and towels stuck on radiators creating condensation and that damp atmosphere created by the constant and expensive tumble dryer, go green, save money and air dry whatever the weather! 

  • A simple inexpensive solution
  • Easy assembly - garden, balcony, outside or inside
  • Once assembled - over 2 cubic metres of drying space
  • Mesh door included for excellent ventilation (shown in picture)
  • Can be fixed to a wall or fence
  • Integral groundsheet protects and also helps maintain temperature
  • Internal Tags will support thin drying lines should you not wish to use a clothes horse or alternative airing device
  • Free standing kit includes guy ropes and pegs for anchorage options

The Laundry Dome is protected by European Community design registration and international patents.


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